Spring is here. Though a lot of homeowners focus on spring cleaning their houses, the trees that make up your lawn require some maintenance as well. You should keep in mind that these plants help increase the value of your property and its curb appeal. If you choose to ignore them, it will lead to various problems that will be expensive to fix.  

Fortunately for you, we are here to help. Today, we’re going to share with you some spring maintenance tips for your trees and shrubs. Following these tips will help you keep your landscape valuable and beautiful. If you need help, make sure you hire the right tree trimming services Berkeley company. 

Schedule Preventative Maintenance 

You’ve got to ensure you schedule maintenance for trees that are prone to diseases and insects. This is particularly true if your tree is struggling to survive. With the right maintenance, you can prevent and capture pests such as Japanese beetles, bacterial leaf scorch, sycamore anthracnose, hemlock wooly adelgid, and emerald ash borer. If you ignore these pests, they can leave a lot of damage to your tree. 

Get an assessment 

Do you want your trees and plants to look beautiful and bloom throughout summer and spring? If that is the case, all you’ve got to do is hire a professional tree service company for a tree assessment. They will inspect your tree and shrubs to ensure they are healthy and in good condition. 

Do Not Prune Fruit Trees 

Though a couple of trees benefit if you prune them during the spring season, you should prune fruit trees during the cold months.  

Water Dry Soil 

You’ve got to ensure you keep your shrubs and trees healthy by watering your lawn regularly. This is particularly true if your region has a dry spring. 

Clear the Base 

We all know that spring cleaning is beneficial for your home. However, you can also apply this idea to your trees. You’ve got to ensure you remove debris and old mulch that might have piled up around your tree and shrub’s base over the winter. 


To keep your plants, shrubs, and trees healthy for the year, spring is the ideal time to fertilize them. 

Repair Winter Damage 

Some parts of your trees might have been damaged by cold temperatures, ice, and winter storms. You’ve got to ensure you evaluate your trees and look for indications of winter damage. For instance, you should search for sunscald, splitting barks, or broken branches. Then, fix any problem before they become worse.  

Be Cautious of Brown Leaves 

Leaves usually grow back during spring. You might have an issue with your tree if its leaves are curling up or turning brown. Hire a professional tree care company for help. 

Check for Pests 

A lot of common pests become active in spring. They usually spread from one plant to another. Thus, it’s best to check your landscape for early indications of pests to avoid damage to your trees and shrubs. If you do find some signs, hire a professional arborist to treat your tree.